Why Team USA Basketball May Fall Short of Spain In Turkey

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At Sportsbook.com, the current odds for USA hoops to win the FIBA Championships is -200, meaning if you placed 20 dollars on the team you would profit $10 if they were to win in the coming weeks.

Second to USA is Spain at +300($10 bet/$30 profit). Spain recently lost to the USA in an exhibition 86-85. If the US run into another altercation with Spain, there is great question as to whether they will once again be able to overcome them.

There is no doubt that the US has a star studded cast. Kevin Durant is finally living up to his NBA billing, going seven of 11 for 25 points against Spain and scoring 14 points in their first round game against Croatia on Saturday.


It is arguable that Rajon Rondo's absence could cause a dent in USA's shield, but there is plenty of star power at the point guard position to make up for it.


Derrick Rose is likely to assume the reigns in hopes of guiding the US to their expectations.

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