Why LeBron James Will Watch Dwyane Wade Win the 2010-11 MVP

July 16th, 2010 by Daniel Suhr Leave a reply »
Dwyane Wade is setting the stage for himself to win the 2010-11 regular season MVP award with his vocal defense of new teammate LeBron James from accusations that James "quit" during the playoffs the last two years.

The psychology of the team is already set and he is their leader. While pundits wonder who will emerge as the leader, who will have the most points, and who will get the ball in crunch time, the "3Heat" already know the answer: Dwyane Wade.

What is so unusual is that Wade will be the leader of the team despite not being the best player, and the MVP award almost always goes to the best player on the team.

As an NBA fan, I readily admit LeBron is the best player in the NBA despite living in California and rooting for the Lakers. However, LeBron has admitted in interviews that he doesn't have the "killer mentality" of a Kobe or more importantly, a Michael Jordan.

The problem was, we wouldn't admit to ourselves that LeBron isn't an insecure alpha dog who has to make all his teammates submit to his will and vision. Even with LeBron telling us point blank that he's not like that, we wouldn't admit it. How could someone THAT good not be so driven as ...

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