Why Lebron Is Better Than Kobe And Why He Will Be the Best

March 23rd, 2010 by Josh guerrero Leave a reply »

The following are reasons why I believe that LeBron James is a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant and why he will go down as the best player to play in the NBA.

Kobe already has more turnovers then Jordan.

LeBron is the more talented athlete and is not even in his prime.

On average, players are in their prime at the age of 27 and LeBron is only 25.

Lebron has broken numerous records already and if you gave him the amount of seasons Kobe has played (by doubling Lebron's stats), he would shatter records.

Lebron, if you doubled his career stats, which would give him the same amount of years as Kobe:

Points: 30,082 would give him 4,470 more points than Kobe, and Lebron isn't even is his prime.

Assists: 7498 would give him 2771 more assists than Kobe, and Lebron is a forward!

Blocks: 958 would give him 394 more than Kobe and four less than Nene has in his entire career.

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