Why Kobe Bryant Is Always Compared To Michael Jordan

May 30th, 2010 by chase ruttig Leave a reply »
Last night after the conclusion of the amazing Suns-Lakers series, which I told you was going to be great, I was ready to write my wrap up of the series. I had my Itunes going, some drinks by the computer and, as always, I had my Twitter(www.twitter.com/chaseruttig ) and facebook tabbed up just to provide a distraction every now and then. This of course is always the downfall of me getting articles done, but last night it provided inspiration.

My twitter and facebook started exploding with the MJ/Kobe debate right about the time Kobe started jawing with Alvin Gentry and doing the airplane. I ignored it as it was an extremely Jordanesque performance in the fourth quarter and for the whole series if you think about it, but once the post-game presser's were done the debate kept going, which shocked me.

It seems at least once every year or so someone has to write their article on Kobe vs. Michael Jordan, saying it is unfair to both and other drivel that gets recycled by almost every sportswriter who follows basketball and needs a column idea.

I am not here to talk about who is better, because it is impossible to determine. They have similar stat ...

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