Why Joe Johnson Stays After the First-Round Win

May 3rd, 2010 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
Do you know what's worse than being a high-profile celebrity caught in a scandal?  It's being a high-profile celebrity caught in a scandal on a slow news day!

Trust me, the first thing Tiger was hoping for as he awoke from that nap on his lawn was for a 11.5 earthquake to hit LA.  A slow news day insures that the most titillating story gets front-page exposure. No matter how unworthy that news "story" might be.

Where extra attention works well to shield a celebrity caught with his or her pants down, it may have the opposite effect in the NBA this offseason. 

If I asked you to rattle off the available free agents in 2010 who comes to mind first? Second? Third? My guess is it would take a little counting before we got to Joe Johnson.

I'm sure he is on the white boards of several NBA teams, but he is likely under the heading "Plan B" or even "Plan C".  In 2010, there are bigger fish to lure than Johnson.  Nothing speaks to the wealth of talent available in the free agent class of 2010 than when you realize that JJ is an afterthought.

This "afterthought" is a 6'7" shooting guard who, at 28, is still at hi ...

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