Why Everyone in the NBA Hates the Los Angeles Clippers

December 22nd, 2015 by Howard Beck Leave a reply »

This is a story about hate.

Not hate in the contemporary usage, in which the word is indiscriminately deployed as a cheap defense against unwelcome opinions. ("You think Kobe shoots too much? You're just a hater.")

Not hate in its purest, most lethal form, either. This is sports, not war.

This is about textbook hate: extreme disdain, profound hostility, searing resentment.

This is about the Los Angeles Clippers, a fabulously talented, fantastically entertaining group of basketball players who, despite their stardom and high-flying aesthetic appeal—or perhaps because of it—inspire an astonishing level of antipathy.

The Clippers irritate. They infuriate. They inflame. They chafe.

People hate the Clippers, and by "people," we mean everyone: players, coaches, scouts, owners, executives, scalpers, ushers, popcorn vendors. Probably the Dalai Lama, though he could not be reached for comment.

This is not a debate in NBA circles. The Clippers are not a hated team or among the most hated, one option on a multiple-choice quiz. They are the hated team.

"The most h ...

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