When The Going Gets Tough, NBA Superstars Run

July 22nd, 2010 by Nick Sachs Leave a reply »
Whatever happened to competition, to the insatiable desire to prove yourself the best by beating the best?  Lord knows this topic has been discussed, debated, reheated, and beaten like the dead horse it's fast becoming.  However, with the news that Chris Paul "wants to follow LeBron James' business model", I figured I'd take a stab at commenting.

The NBA in the 80's and even the early to mid 90's was a far superior product, at least in this writer's eyes.  If there happened to be a "super" team, it was typically the product of smart drafting, of young players peaking while the vets on the squad were still capable gamers. 

Never was there anything like the farce going on in Miami, or what's likely to follow wherever Chris Paul winds up.

I'm not going to quote Jordan, Bird, or Magic.  You've all undoubtedly heard and/or read the quotes somewhere by now.  I'm sure some people doubt how genuine they are, given that they never had an opportunity like the trio in Miami did.

I fully believe them, and truth be told I despised Jordan when he was playing (I used to like the Knicks until they became a running joke). ...

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