Whatever Happened to Great NBA Intros?

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Back in the day, perhaps the greatest part of the NBA playoffs were the introductions of the starting lineups. NBC seemed to always make sure that they had the intro from whatever public address announcer served the home team. Many times during my early years it was Ray Clay, the public address announcer for your Chicago Bulls!

It was the best introduction to a team that will ever be made in my opinion.

Clay had one of the greatest voices in PA history.

"And now....the starting lineup for your Chicago Bulls..."

Clay was famous for his introductions from 1990-2002 for the Chicago Bulls. His tone and style will forever be legendary in the minds of Bulls fans. In my opinion, and most Bulls fans opinions, he was simply the best to introduce a game.

Clay began introducing Bulls games in 1990 after replacing Tommy Edwards. He is, and always will be, famous for his intros to the Alan Parsons Project song, "Sirius," during the Bulls' championship runs of '91-'93 and '96-'98. He will forever be remembered by his intro of perhaps the greatest player in NBA history: Michael Jordan.

I believe this is how it went, "AAA ...

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