What To Do With The Golden State Warriors’ Draft Pick

May 19th, 2010 by Ashwath Krishna Leave a reply »

I had chosen to watch yesterday’s draft lottery on a computer in my university library instead of skipping my 9am tutorial to stay home and watch it in bed. 

Not the best decision I made.

When Beelzebub (sorry, David Stern) announced that we had the sixth overall pick in the draft, I let out a string of very loud F-bombs and punched the screen. Hard.

Needless to say, I’m banned from the computer labs the rest of the semester and have to pay for a new monitor.

Eventually, I calmed myself down. After all, I am a Golden State fan. Disappointment is near-second nature to me. (I’m also a Raiders fan, which means it pretty much is second nature). So I stuck another pin in my Chris Cohan voodoo doll and got on with the day. 

Then I started to think about what we could get out of this, and more importantly, what I’m hoping we get out.

1)   If one of the big 5 fall out of the top five, we take them. I don’t care wh ...

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