What If Tim Donaghy Is Jose Canseco 2.0?

December 8th, 2009 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
What if Tim Donaghy is right?

David Stern has been masterful in guiding the NBA. He is eloquent, funny, personable, and tough. Stern, as much as any player, executive, or owner, must get credit for the amazing success of the NBA.

I wonder if he won't be the cause of a serious down-turn now.

Donaghy is a gambler and convicted felon. Yet, he was hired by the NBA.

Donaghy may have a grudge against former workmates and an employer that he feels turned their back on him. Yet, his story makes sense.

This has been the 500-pound purple gorilla in the room long enough; it's time for the NBA and David Stern specifically to address these accusations head-on.

Is it possible that certain referees call a game in such a way that one could predict the outcome correctly 75 percent of the time? Stern needs to investigate and calm our fears.

Is it possible that a certain referee was so concerned about not "embarrassing" anyone that he officiated in such a way to keep the game close? Stern needs to act and act quickly.

Is it possible that Charles Barkley gave Donaghy a Gatorade shower after an on-court dispute? Sure, who ...

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