What Coud Have Been: Allen Iverson in a Chicago Bulls Uniform

December 8th, 2009 by Ryan Piers Leave a reply »
It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or even a third grader to add up the equation: Allen Iverson would have been a perfect fit for Chicago. 

After reading other posts, it is apparent that many Bulls enthusiast agree. However, it seems that most Iverson supporters fail to examine the statistics. They are just relying strictly on opinions. 

Personal beliefs are nice, but it's more credible to crunch the numbers and realize A.I. may have been the answer to the Bulls' early season woes. 

For starters, the Bulls are averaging an anorexic 90.4 points per game. This grotesque figure is third worst in the NBA, only leading the NCAA's Nets and the "Badcats" of Charlotte. Chicago's leading scorer, Luol Deng, is averaging 17.7 ppg, which is a pitiful number for a top scorer. Out of the 30 NBA teams, 27 have a leading scorer with a higher average. 

Insert Allen Iverson and his career average of 27 ppg, a figure that ranks sixth best in NBA history. Think of his addition like restarting a frozen battery in the early winter months, a simple spark plug can do the trick. 

Of course the critics will argue that he is long past his ...

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