Warriors Lose In Lottery, Owner Loses Leverage

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By all rights, the NBA Draft Lottery should be one of the most boring sporting "events" in any given calendar year. Talking heads waste most of the broadcast talking about players that most college (or NBA) basketball fan should already know about, especially if they are hard-core enough of a fan to watch the Draft Lottery. Then representatives from the worst half of the league sit down and try not to look disappointed that their franchise's designated lucky charm failed to work properly. Finally, a list appears on the screen, after which the internet usually explodes with David Stern conspiracy theories.

And while this years' draft lottery featured  John Wall trying to avoid the Eli Manning /Ricky Rubio Draft Day Face, and a win by a team that probably deserved good luck after the Gilbert Arenas fiasco, ESPN would no doubt have had a better story to print if the Nets had won the lottery.

Of course, for a Warriors fan, the lottery is an epic annual event that usually is the only ray of hope in an otherwise depressing season. It has also played a large role in ensuring that future seasons would be equally depressing.  Of course, disastrous picks and trad ...

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