Toronto Tirade: Disaster in Philly Deserves Detailed Leaf Rant

January 7th, 2010 by Alex Calles Leave a reply »

What on God's green earth just happened?

Every season, Leafs fans are entitled to one solid rant about how absolutely pathetic their team looked in the previous game/week/month. Consider this my once-a-year rant about the [insert expletive here] game the Leafs played in Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

I'll only do this once this season, so bear with me while I hold no punches and lash out at everything bad that was part of the 6-2 debacle.

You may feel the same as I do, or you may scoff at my apparent inability to deal with a loss, but in either case I know you felt my pain as each goal against made it harder to breathe.

Just give me this one chance to let it all out. Consider it my annual Leafs therapy session that is necessary at the mid-point of each season.

No, I've got one better. Consider this the screaming into the pillow you did postgame, but without the pillow; I'll try to form sentences that are understandable.

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