Top Ten Greatest Players in NBA History

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We sat in the living room in my house just last week. My brother exclaimed that "you can't prove an opinion wrong by definition."

The reply about opinions? No, you can't prove them wrong. And yes, everyone is entitled to them. And no, no one will factually ever scientifically prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt regarding any sports.

Hell, in some sports like the NFL, you can't even draw comparisons at all between different positions. Can you compare Joe Montana and Ray Lewis? No! They play different sides of the ball. How do you relate blocking to running the football? You can't. In the NBA though everyone plays defense, everyone shoots, everyone accumulates/can accumulate assists.

The reply was that if we all state our opinions, the thing that will differentiate 100 of us in the eyes of unbiased observers will be what information we offer as persuasion that our opinion should be taken more seriously than the next guy.

The list - The list is tricky.

I think you can rate priorities as follows:

1. Winning -

a) You play to win the game. That about ends it. All the stats in the ...

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