To Sign Allen Iverson or Not? That is the Question.

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There’s a lot of hullabaloo on the Intertubes and locally about why the Sixers should sign the newly available Allen Iverson. So let's break it down.

The Case For

1.) He'd fill some seats.

The Sixers have the second lowest attendance in the NBA; only the utterly terrible Memphis Grizzlies draw fewer people. This doesn't mean that the town has soured on basketball, but you can't give away Sixers' seats right now.

Elton Brand ain't filling the stands, and while Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young have talent, no one is stopping their world to go see them.

2) He'd win some games.

Iverson is, at this point, an insulted man playing for his legacy with his back against the wall. That's usually a great combination for his value, and even in the few games that he played in Memphis before auto-ejecting, he shot a high percentage.

3) He'd be interesting.

This site hasn't spent a word on the Sixers since the start of the regular season, and it's actually getting hard to find them on the cable channels, outside of the NBA cable package.

Even if the team doesn't win with him, Iverson remains compelling if only ...

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