Tim James: A True Warrior

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That term is bandied about so much, it sometimes seems it has lost its meaning. Many people use it to describe someone when it may not truly be deserved.

Face it, the workplace isn’t really a battlefield, and no CEO, no matter how tough he may think he is, would likely want to face a real warrior on a field of battle.

Sports journalists and sports media personalities use it so much to describe players that an alien listening in might mistake our innocent pastimes as battles we’re waging against each other. And while the thuggishness of some of those players might make them seem fierce to those watching, the true warrior spirit is generally unremarked on, as they don’t normally announce themselves with braggadocio.

One such warrior spirit sat quietly on the bench for three NBA teams for a few years. In college, he’d been a fierce example of a “warrior,” winning his share of battles for a frankly unheralded Miami Hurricanes squad who many believe overachieved in making the NCAA tournament. That warrior spirit resided in a man named Tim James.


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