This Is His House: Why the Miami Heat Will Always Be Dwyane Wade’s Team

October 7th, 2010 by Pedro Heizer Leave a reply »
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Dwyane Wade has been in Miami for the good times and the bad times. Never has he talked bad about the team; he never threatened the team in a big way, saying he would leave if he didn’t get the supporting cast he long deserved to compliment his greatness.

Wade simply kept quiet, one of his best qualities, one of the qualities that has earned him the nickname of Miami’s lovable assassin.

Instead of complaining saying that the Heat are a bad team and that he wanted out, Wade simply asked for what every superstar asked for, a good supporting cast, but in a lesser dose than most superstars.

Wade also did something that no other free agent this off-season did: he recruited people to play on his team.

Enter the 2010 Free-Agency drama. If you thought for a second that Wade was leaving Miami for Chicago, you had little faith.

Wade could never leave the Heat, much like Kobe can never leave the Lakers, Bird could never leave the Celtics, and Jeter will never leave the Yankees.

Miami fans have been witnessing greatness for the past seven years, and some ...

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