This Chicago Bulls Fan Says LeBron Stay Home

July 3rd, 2010 by John Howell Leave a reply »
Last I checked, none of the NBA teams play their home games in the Roman Coliseum. While the ancient Romans might have enjoyed the predictable spectacle of lion versus human, there's a reason why the Romans called it bread and circus. It was not a sporting event. It was a grotesque form of entertainment.

Although the NBA is the least competitive of the major leagues in the U.S., I certainly don't relish the idea of making it even less so by assembling a super-team led by LeBron James, even if that team might be in my town, Chicago.

Chicago has all ready enjoyed the double three-peat. Once the Jordan-Pippen super-team was assembled there was very little suspense as to the outcome of a given game or of a given season. The Bulls sometimes played with their opponents to make it interesting, but when it counted no one doubted they could come back from any deficit at will. 

Sorry Chicago, been there, done that. Finally, after years of false starts, the Bulls have begun to build a team without any superstars. Rose and Noah are beginning to emerge, and if they do emerge while playing in Chicago, so be it. That's fair. That's interesting. That's fa ...

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