There Is No Questioning LeBron James’ Competitive Nature Or Heart

July 30th, 2010 by Bhemis Parks Leave a reply »

Apparently the Media wants to create its own criteria for competitive nature. It’s not enough that they devalued the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP). Their blatant biases and illogical assertions on the nature of players offer up no benefit to the game we love.

When will David Stern stand-up and say “enough is enough?” When will fans demand more accurate analysis and less opinionated lased rants? Seriously, why are we so accepting of these Mark Jackson’s and Charles Barkley’s of the sporting world?

As fans, we are afforded the luxury of being bias. It is part of the structure of routing for something or someone.

In regards to being an analyst or reporter, biases often dilute the underlined message(s) and purpose of. Yet, somehow, it has become a common practice amongst most so-called sports analysts to let bias get the best of them. I say “so-called” because they’re more like glorified bloggers than actual analysts. Ask yourself this, “when was the last time Charles Barkley did anything remotely resembling analytical work? And do ...

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