The Sports Retorter: Sketch Suggestions for Charles Barkley on SNL

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I’ve never hid my affection, or is it an affliction, for Charles Barkley . I’ve been a huge Barkley fan since I was a kid growing up in Phoenix, I’ve even patterned my current look after him (think “Round Mound of Sit Down”). When I found out that he’d be hosting the Jan. 9 episode of Saturday Night Live, I couldn’t help but be excited.

For me, the first time Charles Barkley  hosted the show was “must see tv”. It was the start of the Show’s 19th season, Sept. 25, 1993, and Barkley had just come off a trip to the Finals with the Phoenix Suns. I was ten, owner of numerous Barkley jerseys, and had already deemed 34 my “lucky” number. I didn’t yet know the difference between John and Jim Belushi, and hadn’t seen the clock strike midnight since I was still in diapers but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to miss it.

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