The Running of the Bulls: What the Bulls Need to Make a Playoff Run

February 22nd, 2010 by Michael Maxwell Leave a reply »
In the past week, the Bulls traded away two key role players in order to clear up cap space for this summer's upcoming great free agent class. The Bulls traded Tyrus Thomas to the Bobcats for Acie Law and Ronald Murray, and they traded John Salmons to the Bucks for Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander. It appeared on the surface that these moves were made solely for clearing salary cap space; however, that wasn't the only reason for the trade.

Hakim Warrick was a very good addition to the Chicago Bulls. He essentially replaces Tyrus Thomas and what he provided. Warrick is actually averaging more points and rebounds per game than Tyrus in about the same amount of minutes. He also brings a similar athleticism that Tyrus Thomas provided, so you will continue to see the "flashy" dunks Tyrus Thomas performed, but without the headaches he brought.

The Bulls also acquired Ronald Murray in order to replace John Salmons. He is a bit of a downgrade as he doesn't shoot quite as well, but all in all, I think the Bulls broke even in acquiring these two players for Salmons and Thomas, as well as clearing a good amount of cap space instead of having John Salmons' contract.

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