The Racist Element of Natural Ability/Physically Gifted

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Lately, there has been talk of LeBron James and Wilt Chamberlain in the same breath—but not in a positive way. The conversation says the players are blessed with physical gifts and naturaI ability that they are not developing to true potential. All of their success is owed not to hard work, but rather hitting the genetic lottery. Why this perspective lives is because the two players don't annually walk away with the NBA title. 

The sports commentary surrounding the NBA is particularly bad and mean-spirited. There is a lack of analysis and insight to help educate the sports fan. Instead, we are subjected to the bias viewpoints of the commentators and can only see the games through their eyes.

The fact is only one team can win the title each year and it is a hard thing to do. Consider this, since 1980, just four teams have won 27 of the 31 available titles (Lakers 10, Bulls 6, Spurs 4, Celtics 4, Pistons 3 ). If Jordan does not retire after the Bulls initial three-year reign, then we are probably adding Hakeem Olajuwon's name to the list of players to never win a title despite Hall of Fame credentials.

I want to talk about this pheno ...

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