The Need for White American NBA Stars

July 30th, 2010 by Erik Landau Leave a reply »
Kevin Love? Kirk Hinrich? David Lee? These are probably the three best American white players people think of in the NBA today.

These names do not inspire the memories that were once created by the likes of a Chris Mullin, Larry Bird, John Stockton or anyone before them. They do not have Hall of Fame credentials, or people watering at the mouth to have them as the potential Franchise leaders of their teams.

Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki could be put into the discussion I am having, except for one basic function they are missing: They are not American. They can stand along the sides of Mullin, Bird and Stockton in terms of playing ability; but do not hold the same criteria needed in this discussion.

Why does the league need a white American star? Simple, people want to see someone similar to themselves succeeding. 

People want to see someone that is relatively similar to themselves out on the playing field succeeding. I am not inferring that one has to fit a certain parameter to be liked, rather I am simply stating there are clear instances where someone who is similar to a particular fan base in culture or race receives slightly ...

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