The LeBron James Watch: An Analysis of the Teams Through PER

June 14th, 2010 by David Glazer Leave a reply »
With NBA free agency only a little more than two weeks away, fans of teams are becoming more anxious over whether or not LeBron James will sign with their favorite team. So here is an analysis of the top five players of the each of the respective teams rumored as possible LeBron destinations using PER (player efficiency rating) developed by John Hollinger of ESPN.

For these purposes, I am going to assume that Chris Bosh signs with LeBron to go to the Knicks because I do not see LeBron going to the Knicks without Chris Bosh.

Here are the PER numbers of the Cavaliers and four possible contenders for LeBron's services, without identifying the teams:

Team 1: 25.11, 14.89, 13.76, 14.95, 14.64 for a total of 83.35

Team 2: 17.96, 13.82, 16.14, 11.61, 18.69 for a total of 78.22

Team 3: 28.10, 10.74, 14.56, 16.16, 10.26 for a total of 79.82

Team 4: 20.11, 12.32, 11.58, 12.88, 16.28 for a total of 73.17

Team 5: 15.87, 17.33, 9.95, 13.86, 16.18 for a total of 73.19

Of these teams, it appears that team 3 has the best player and team 1 has the most consistent quality. Team 2 has good players, but non ...

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