The Golden State Warriors Played it Smart By Getting Rid of Stephen Jackson

November 16th, 2009 by Simon B. Leave a reply »

The Golden State Warriors' trade of Stephen Jackson to the Charlotte Bobcats marks a successful move in what has been a string of intelligent plays by Warriors management. 


Since Larry Riley was named general manager in May, he has traded away Jamal Crawford's contract and atrocious defense, traded away Marco Belinelli (TBD if this was a good move), drafted the talented young Stephen Curry, and now has freed the Bay Area of Stephen Jackson.


This deal amounts to massive salary cap relief from what was going to be a roster-suffocating three-year, $28 million extension for Jackson that would kick in after this season. 


In return for Jackson and Acie Law, the Warriors will  receive Raja Bell, who has an expiring contract, and Vladimir Radmonavic, who is owed $6.9 million next season. This means that GS is clearing roughly $21 million off their books. 

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