The Gambler: vs. Indiana

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Opponent: Indiana Pacers
Line: -6.5
Gambler's Record: 21-22-1
George Michael: "That's Ann. She's my girlfriend."
George Sr.: "Her?"
George Michael: "Yeah... she's really funny."
George Sr.: "Let's hope so."
-Arrested Development

Oh Indiana, what do you have to hope for? Your image as some hoops heartland, built strong on the backs of Hoosiers and Bobby Knight, is all but a distant memory. Your team has the incredibly talented Danny Granger, but he's surrounded by the sporadically effective play of Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy, the unathletic Roy Hibbert, and the NBA's biggest A-hole Jeff Foster. Oh, and University of Indiana basketball program has been terrible since Bobby Knight was run out of town on a rail (What's that? They made the national championship game in '02? Doesn't count because those were still Bobby Knight guys, and besides their best player was Tom Coverdale!). You poor, identityless basketball fans...

What percentage of Pacer fans watch "Hoosiers" in a drunken stupor and reminisce about the glory days? Is it over 10 percent? I say yes.

Now, the ...

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