The Expendables: Roy. Melo. LeBron. Durant. Who’s Expendable on Your Team?

January 4th, 2011 by Andy L. Leave a reply »
I always imagined that when I left a job, my former employer would fall apart in my absence and partners would call begging me to come back.

Typically, I imagined that clients would run around not knowing whom to call, emails would go unanswered and my value to the firm would become painfully obvious.

But this never happened. In fact, I’ve even interviewed with a former employer hoping to get my old job back expecting to be welcomed back with open arms—only to be rejected.

Not only was I not necessary to this former employer, I was expendable. And that's why I'm now writing a blog.

In the past month or so, the Rockets lost Yao Ming and the Blazers lost Brandon Roy. Both were supposed to be franchise players, and the teams were expected to falter in their absence. Instead, both teams have thrived without them. Yao and Roy went from being the foundations of the team to being merely expendable.

So which star players are expendable on their current teams? In other words, if you were to replace one of the team's stars with an “average” player at the position, would the team suffer significantly?

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