The Bionically Constructed Heat Are the Next Evolution of the NBA

July 30th, 2010 by Paolo Ruiz Leave a reply »
We’ve all speculated about it as kids reading comic books or watching cartoons. What would happen if we combined Spider-Man’s hyper-agility with Wolverine’s indestructibility? Merged Magneto’s metal mastery with Professor X’s telepathy? Or gave Green Lantern’s ring to Superman? That would be a force unlike the world has ever seen.

Enter the Miami Heat. This is the collection of superpowers we all dreamed of, but never imagined possible. This is the stuff of fantasy and science fiction. The Heat are the billion dollar, gene-spliced, mutant bionic team.

They are so good, at least on paper, that they should almost be illegal. And if it were up to Mark Cuban, they would be.

Perhaps no team has ever been constructed quite like the Heat, with two of the game’s three best players consciously joining forces while still in their prime. Even the Boston Celtics trio, who became champions in their first year together, were already in the twilights of their careers.

However, there is a team of the past that bears a resemblance to the Heat.

In 1982, Moses Malone of the Houston Rockets and Julius ...

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