The Biggest Gamble at Every Position in 2015 NBA Free Agency

June 12th, 2015 by Zach Buckley Leave a reply »
Every NBA free-agent signing is one expensive roll of the dice.

Production doesn't always carry over from one season to the next, let alone transition to a different system. Chemistry can be hard to maintain in the face of change. Past injury problems can resurface and new ones might emerge.

In other words, there is risk involved with any acquisition. But it's not evenly dispersed among players.

The 2015 free-agent class is a perfect example of that. While not overloaded with star power—LeBron James is technically a member, but he's not going anywhere—it's packed to the brim with worthwhile investments.

But it's not without its red flags. Some are flying for current or former health problems. Others have been raised due to declining statistics. Play style is also a cause for concern in some cases, as a few players' strengths seem less relevant and weaknesses more alarming in today's pace-and-space game.

The five players featured here could all wind up looking like shrewd additions. Or their signings could be remembered as colossal missteps.

The stakes are as high as you'd expect for what these playe ...

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