The Art Of Backboard Breaking: Darryl Dawkins Vs. Shaq

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It is the most exciting play in basketball. The dunk elicits screams, oohs, and ahhs from the crowd and makes the highlight reels. However, the rim ripping, glass shattering, backboard breaking dunk is the one that silences the crowd, stuns the analysts, and is crammed into the history books.

Seeing a backboard break in an actual NBA game is as rare as seeing a pitcher toss a perfect game, and it is something that everybody in the arena will always remember. It is the dunk that you will tell your grandkids about if you ever do get to see one live.

When a basketball fan sees the occasional broken backboard, they will generally think of one of two players: Darryl Dawkins or Shaquille O'Neal.

The question then arises: Which one of these doctors of dunk was the better rim rocker? That is, who was better at bringing down the backboard?


Darryl Dawkins

Possibly one of the most interesting characters in NBA history, Chocolate Thunder was the original rim ripper. The first time he broke the backboard, in 1979, Dawkins hardly seemed surprised. He later named the dunk, "The Chocolate-Thunder-Flying, ...

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