Stay Classy America: LeBron Should Be Supported More Than Tiger or Kobe

July 25th, 2010 by Benny Vargas Leave a reply »
I read a recent article listing the "Top 10 Favorite Sports Stars in America," the results of which weren't exactly astonishing. Not with all the media backlash against LeBron James. Still the more I got to thinking about it the more it actually bothered me.

The list, which was provided by Ethan Skolnick of the Sun Sentinel , showed Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant locked atop the first spot. Tiger, he of the transgressions and Kobe, of the snitching on team mates to police officers.

What is wrong with people? Seriously is America's intelligence and common sense that far gone? These are the two most adored athletes in our country?

One an accused rapist, the other as it turns out has been in more women than tampons during the last few years.

It's a sad day when fans have become so deluded that they see LeBron James (who dropped from third to sixth on the list) and what he did by leaving Cleveland as a worse thing than what either those two got busted for.

LeBron may be spoiled. He may have left his home state team. But you know what he served his time. He completed his contract and at no time during his professional life have we ...

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