Spurs Baskeball: Why Being an Old NBA Team Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

July 26th, 2010 by Dan Schultz Leave a reply »
Whenever I go to my local park to play basketball, inevitably I always see the same two guys there. Their names are Mike and Mike (not the same ESPN radio personalities); I would guess they are in their mid-50s, both have grey-ish hair, and they like to yell at each other a lot.

I dread playing them.

For one thing, they run set plays, which usually consist of running around in circles, setting picks, and shooting mid-range shots. Whether it’s 2-on-2 or 5-on-5, they usually win—and they have 30 some years on me.

It dawned on me while playing them recently that being an old basketball player isn’t a bad thing at all. In this day and age, certain words like “youth” and “potential” are looked at with much positivity. Why don’t we hear about the “experienced” or “wise” anymore? It might be because they’re boring, or the mere fact that the young beating the old at a game they’ve been playing before they were born is an exciting prospect.

That’s why it continues to baffle me as to why major media outlets are continually leaving a team like the San Anto ...

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