Smoke and Mirrors: The 10 Biggest Illusions in the NBA

December 11th, 2009 by Hadarii Jones Leave a reply »
David Blaine and David Copperfield are magicians who made a fortune by mastering in the art of optical illusions, or deceiving an audience into believing that they see something that does not exist. It's a clever ruse, but is simple in concept because the human brain processes information in a way that is pleasing to the individual. In other words, we hear and see in a manner that is more favorable to our own point of view, we see what we want to see. This practice is common in all walks of life, and in the world of sports, there is no difference. In sports it may even be magnified because our blind loyalties to our teams and their players cause us to disregard what may be an obvious reality. For instance, a Cleveland Cavalier fan may not understand why many feel they are the third best team in the Eastern Conference when that sentiment is obvious. Another example is the New Jersey Nets. Even though they are a bad team, are they really as bad as their 0-18 start might suggest? Probably not. In that spirit I have attempted to compile a list of the 10 largest optical illusions in the NBA right now. I'm sure not all will agree with me and some would much rather stick to their ...

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