Six Ways the Cavaliers Can “Celebrate” LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland

August 11th, 2010 by Eric Felkey Leave a reply »
As a writer (or wannabe writer), one of the things drilled in your head is to never use "I" in your articles. Tell people what you know, not what you think.

When it comes to LeBron James (the ex-Cavalier version), it's impossible for me not to use "I." After what he did on July 8, I'll never be able to write or have a rational, objective opinion on him.

For me, it was personal. Of course it's absolutely ludicrous and self-centered to have that mindset, but it's what I believed.

I spent seven years watching and following this guy's every move on the court. Actually, make it eight—I remember following his St. Vincent St. Mary team when he was a senior, most notably when they played powerhouse Brookhaven in Columbus back in December of '02.

(LeBron and Brookhaven guard Drew Lavender put on an unbelievable show that night.)

I spent over a third of my life idolizing and fawning over a self-proclaimed "Chosen One" that could not possibly care any less about me or any other Cleveland fan—and during the final two games of this year's Boston series, it looked like he couldn't care less about winning, either.

It wa ...

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