Six Pitfalls of NBA Management, Part Two: Overpaying Free Agents

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This is Part Two in a six-part series dedicated to the Six Pitfalls of NBA Management. For Part One, go to my main page or 

Fans of bad NBA teams, perpetually bad teams, will try to tell you their plight is a result of plain old bad luck.  This six part series explains: I don't agree.

Instead, I see six things that perpetually bad franchises do that make them perpetually bad franchises.  And, as luck would have it, there are six things that good franchises don’t do to continue being good franchises.  Believe it or not, they are the same six things.

On to the second of the six most common pitfalls of NBA franchises:  

2) Buy Your Way Out

Money can’t buy you love, happiness, or a consistently good NBA team.  Bad teams often try to make a quick fix by buying their way out of mediocrity.

Every two to three years, there are two, maybe three, legitimate franchise players that become available via free agency.  GMs salivate all over themselves imagining they have a shot at signing the big prize and reversing the fortunes of their franchises.&n ...

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