Silent but Deadly: Why Doing Nothing This Summer Benefited the Milwaukee Bucks

July 14th, 2010 by Blaise Anderson Leave a reply »
This was the summer of more. What team would come away with more big name contracts, what team could finish this summer with more cap-space, and, for teams that didn't quite live up to expectations, what team would change up their roster the most; these were the questions that were going to define the good from the bad teams next season.

Then why, in this off season of more, did a team doing practically nothing find themselves in one of the best positions of the East?

This team that stood out from others this off season by being one of the few remaining quiet, even though they endured a first round exit, are the rookie led Milwakee Bucks.

Let's recap last season for the Bucks: Brandon Jennings was picked early and was meant to be the point guard for all-star caliber shooting guard Micheal Redd. Redd comes down with an injury bad enough that he faces the option of retirement.

Micheal Redd stays under contract, yet plays less than 15 games in the season, officially making this Brandon's team. Bucks start off good, with Bogut playing the best ball of his life, and Brandon looking like a steal.

Then, Jennings hits the self mad ...

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