Russell Westbrook and the 10 Biggest Ball Hogs Since the Three Point Line

September 3rd, 2011 by Kelly Scaletta Leave a reply »
In basketball the worst thing that you can be called is a ball hog. It’s ugly. It means you put your own success ahead that of the team. It means you’re more concerned about your scoring totals than you are about your team winning.

It’s been used to smear players by mere accusation. Even Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have been accused of this ugly, narcissistic tendency.

So I got to wondering. Who are the worst ball hogs since the three point line, and how do you define a ball hog? Some players have a system that goes through them and they are supposed to shoot. Does simply taking a lot of shots make you a ball hog?

Is it missing the shot that makes you a ball hog? Is it having a low field goal percentage that makes you a ball hog? I wanted to consider a way that merely being a focal point on offense could be differentiated from hurling up the ball willy-nilly without regard to the consequences.

What I ended up doing was determine that a “good shot” was a made shot, and a “bad shot” was missed shot. Now I acknowledge there’s some crudeness to this. Sometimes people make bad shots or mis ...

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