Roundtable Debate: Myth Busting LeBron James’ Game Five Performance

May 13th, 2010 by Chad Ridgeway Leave a reply »
LeBron's performance in Game Five was so inexplicable I've asked some of my fellow writers to elaborate on the latest circulating theories.

Five Theories to Confirm or Debunk:


Tim Legler Theory: The psychological stress has taken a toll on LeBron, and it’s affected all aspects of his game.

Bryan Toporek, Featured Columnist : Don’t buy it. At all. What, the same guy who dropped 49-12-8 on Orlando in Game One last year is suddenly cracking under pressure? The same guy that singlehandedly carried Cleveland past Detroit in 2007 to the NBA Finals suddenly developed a fear of 6’1” Rajon Rondo?

If he’s that psychologically affected by the thought of killing Cleveland’s dreams by leaving, then he’ll stay. The pressure to win a ring is mounting, no doubt, but let’s face it: LeBron’s getting a max contract from any team in the NBA . He’s not killing his free agent hopes like Joe Johnson did.

Kevin Roberts, Featured Columnist: Disagree. This one is a mixed bag, as I’m sure James is affected to a certain degree by the media and the pre ...

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