Ripping Allen Iverson’s Leave of Absence From Sixers Is Reprehensible

February 23rd, 2010 by Bryan Toporek Leave a reply »
There are few definites in sports.

If you took/take steroids, you are a cheater. (That means you, Mark McGwire.)

If you win one of the four pro championships, you have legitimately earned the championship of your sport. (That very much doesn't mean you, BCS.)

And in some circumstances, an athlete's family must come before his job.

For some reason, this last rule seems to not apply for Allen Iverson, the Sixers' guard who came back this season for one more go-around to try and revive his career.

Iverson's four-year-old daughter Messiah is sick with an undisclosed illness, and she's only getting worse. Doctors still can't diagnose what's wrong.

Iverson missed five games before the All-Star break and skipped his starting spot in the All-Star game because of his daughter's illness. Now, he's taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Sixers to be with his family at this trying time.

You know what? Good for him. I'd hope any father would do the same for their child.

Unbelievably, some Iverson bashers have the fortitude to come out and say Iverson deserved this type of misfortune. I conside ...

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