Rhetorical Questions: Are Too Many Asked on Bleacher Report? (Satire)

December 27th, 2010 by Kelly Scaletta Leave a reply »
When I was a kid I remember they used to have these ads on TV selling "genuine zirconium" rings, i.e. real fake diamonds. Meanwhile, in the present I've been noticing a number of the profiles that belong to "real" NBA players.

Perhaps you've seen our friends, Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James leaving comments. It got me to wondering, what if they were actually the real players, and we all just assumed they were pseudonyms. How might a conversation go between the real stars on BR?

The players are responding to the article written on Christmas Eve: "Kobe Bryant: Why His Postgame Shoes Smell Better Than LeBron's." The general theme of the article is that Kobe's shoes smell better because he "wants it more" and thus, the sweat glands release a hormone that has a honeydew scent.

The writer has no link to confirm this, but his second cousin, once removed's wife's nephew's best-friend knows someone who works at the Staples Center and can affirm this "firsthand." Following the "shoe war" over who has the better shoe, the fans have broken out in a storm, and there are over 300 comments on the article.

Lost amid the tonnage of ...

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