RED FLAG: Carmelo Anthony In The Foot Steps of Vince Carter

September 26th, 2010 by rich fernandes Leave a reply »
Carmelo Anthony has been the subject of much controversy of late.  First he gives his team, the Denver Nuggets the cold shoulder treatment in the process of trying to force a trade out of town.  A short list of possible destinations has been provided to Denver’s GM to help expedite the transaction, and the NBA is faced with yet another team’s franchise player’s melodramatic discontent. 

While this MELOdramatic reality show plays out, one can’t help but be reminded of another superstar’s past, and very similar situation.  It was not long ago when then superstar Vince Carter performed his own melodrama by demanding a trade from Toronto.  The similarity of the two situations is eerily alike.

Vince Carter was a mega superstar and franchise player whose claim to fame was his fabulous, electrifying dunks.  He was adored by his fans in Toronto and around the league.  He was given spectacular nick names including Vinsanity, and Air Canada.  This superstar’s star was on a dramatic rise as he thrilled fans around the NBA.

Carmelo in much the same way, flourished in Denver and other ...

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