Real Hate: Omri Casspi Mural Vandalized In Sacramento a Second Time

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Hate: an intense hostility toward an object or individual; a systematic especially politically exploited expression of hate.

Intense: existing in a strained or extreme way.

Sports fans and sports writers, especially in basketball, throw around the word "hate" way too casually.

I generally wonder about the educational level of people who use this powerful word so flippantly; are they dim, or just lacking in creativity?

Do they simply not know what the word means?

Worse than those two possibilities is the thought that the word has been so overused that a generation has become desensitized to its real meaning.

Thoughtful people hate poverty. They hate pedophiles. They hate murderers.

Thoughtful people do not "hate" basketball players.

Heat fans, LeBron James fans, and even professional sportswriters in Miami are "embracing the hate." Anyone who dislikes James, the Heat, or how their superteam was assembled is a "hater."

Lists of the "most hated" sports teams or players are very popular on this and other sites.

Allen Iverson is a very strong lightening rod for the wor ...

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