Ray Allen: Profile of a Meticulously Hard Worker

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There are many players in the world of sports whose work ethic and attention to detail sets them apart from others. In most cases it improves their health, longevity, and of course skills. There are several players like this (Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods...well at one point anyway), but in many ways, Ray Allen sets himself apart.

It is a ritualistic nature in the Celtics star that has helped make him one of the best pure shooters of all time. Natural ability can only take a player so far, and Ray has not neglected his gift.

Allen admits to an undocumented case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), which has resulted in some small altercations with teammates. Allen has sometimes felt uncomfortable when he sees other players with inconsistencies in their routines, or merely sitting in a different seat on the plane. As a teammate, he has learned to temper these issues and instead use them to his advantage.

As with most great players, the preparation does not start at game time or even in practice, but it is an entire choice lifestyle that Allen commits to.

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