Ranking the Worst NBA Contracts Entering 2015-16 Season

October 9th, 2015 by Grant Hughes Leave a reply »
Bad NBA contracts come in many forms, and there are lots of ways to define them.

One way would be to go all analytical, creating a dollar-for-unit-of-production metric that could tell us how much cash a team was shelling out per projected win share.

We'll leave that kind of math to somebody else.

Instead, we'll take more of a holistic approach, which, don't worry, will still focus on raw dollars.

In order to crack these rankings, a contract should pay a player too much money (the longer the term, the better) for the production he'll offer going forward. If the contract takes up enough cap space to significantly restrain a team's future flexibility, that'll be a factor. And if the player being overpaid somehow hurts the team in the locker room or stunts the growth of a teammate, all the better.

Well, all the worse, actually. But you get the idea.

As anyone reading about NBA contracts knows, we're in a strange salary-cap spot these days. The amount teams can spend is skyrocketing, and in two years' time, an average starter will be collecting something like $15 million per season.

That makes it hard to ...

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