Ranking the Most Intriguing Free Agents on the 2015 NBA Market

June 9th, 2015 by Zach Buckley Leave a reply »
There's a certain amount of intrigue with every NBA free-agent signing.

The biggest fish have to live up to their gargantuan salaries, past statistics and high-profile statures. The less-heralded names bring the hope of outperforming their relatively modest financial commitments.

Every addition is fascinating in its own way, but the levels of intrigue are far from being equally dispersed. We're breaking down the seven players sure to pique the most curiosity among front offices.

An abstract term like "intriguing" carries a fluid definition. As such, not every player on this list appears for the same reason.

But there are some common threads linking them all. Each comes equipped with a considerable amount of upside. None would be considered proven commodities, but there's a chance for all of them to grow into something far more substantial than what they are now. That potential is what makes these players equal parts attractive and risky.

In order to rank these players based on their intrigue, we're weighing a couple of different factors. Past performance helps project future production. Teams want to have some sort of idea ...

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