Random Ravings: Kings Up, Shaq Down, and Lakers Are…Meh

December 22nd, 2009 by Jared Wright Leave a reply »
In between slogging through the usual holiday scrum at work (the holiday season is legalized torture for everybody over the age of 18) and playing "Assassin's Creed II" on my Xbox 360 (beautiful on my new 40" LCD TV), I've been keeping an eye on the NBA.

There are some things that make my eyes bug out, some that make my eyes scrunch in sympathy or derision, and some things that just make my eyes roll as I yawn.

As we start the second quarter of the Association's season, I'd like to point out what I like so far, what I don't like so far, and what just bores me.


Where the Cool Kids Hang Out: The Good


Sacramento Kings: If anyone's followed the NBA over the last few years, you either know the Kings have been really bad, or you just don't remember that the Kings still existed...and that was because they were really bad.

However, these are most definitely not those Kings. These Kings are dynamic, led by a dynamic player in Tyreke Evans, and they've revived basketball in Sacramento, which has had only governmental gridlock to boast of lately.

At 13-14, Sacramento is playing about .500 bal ...

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