Predictions For 2010 NBA Season: Five Bold Miami Heat Predictions

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1. Miami wins 70 games . Talent. Depth. Star power. Defense. Athleticism. Shooting. They have it all! This group can go down as the most talented team in NBA history.

When three of the league’s premier players decide to sacrifice money and “egos” for winning, it makes them dangerous. When two great, irreplaceable players in Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem leave millions on the table in their last chance at a major contract for winning, it makes them lethal. Throw in a bunch of veteran, ego-less (No, not you Allen Iverson) role players and you have the makings of a true dynasty.

Rings will be on their mind all the time.

When winning is the only priority the game becomes simple. They will challenge the 72-win Bulls of 1996 as the best team in the history of the NBA. The most difficult challenge for this team is not going to be the on-court performance. They will find a way to make it work. Their biggest obstacle is mental.

This team, all fifteen of them, is capable of achieving a measure of greatness unparalleled in NBA history.

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