Portland Trail Blazers: All the Drama in a Nutshell

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Main Entry: dra·ma
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3 a : a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces. b : dramatic state, effect, or quality


Last week, fans and local media were thrown for a loop when Tom Penn, Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Portland Trail Blazers, was fired for no apparent reason. It was a slow week for a fan base that is in tune with so many aspects of the team. The firing was a huge surprise and the beginning of a nightmarish couple of days for some higher-up members of the organization.

Although, the team did win a game on Friday, so that was good.

Following Penn's dismissal, the attention began to shift from Penn to Warren LeGarie, who represents both Penn and Kevin Pritchard. People wondered how this firing would affect Pritchard and whether or not there were bigger problems.

Over the weekend the most recent bout of drama began with Henry Abbott of TrueHoop , who had this to say about A New Kind of Blazermania :

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