Playoff Purgatory: Seattle’s Thunder Haters Have Nowhere to Turn

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Note: I know this bites on Bill Simmons's style a bit, but I've spent 120 hours watching Lost too. I think anyone who spends that kind of time watching a TV show can use it as a metaphor! Don't you judge me!

Life is hard for a Sonics fan right now.

You never really understand or accept that they’re not your team any more. The problem is that the Sonics didn’t die, they merely re-spawned in some bizarro, corn-filled reality.

If you’ve never had a team depart from your hometown, it feels like being Desmond in season six of Lost . A cataclysmic explosion (the Sonics leaving) has divided your life into two realities.

In one blissful life there is no nuclear explosion and you still have your soul mate, “Pinny” (the Sonics.) In fact, you never lost her, you’ve can’t even imagine life on the island.

Then there is reality in the aftermath of the bomb. Hollowed out by regret and heartbreak, you are thrown down a well by a force of evil incomprehensible to mere mortals (Locke/David Stern.)

The difference is that Desmond seems to have some agency over how these two realiti ...

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