Placing the Blame: Cleveland’s Unfortunate Case of LeBron James

July 11th, 2010 by Shae Cronin Leave a reply »

Amidst all of the criticism drowning LeBron James following his offensive departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s arguably not James’ fault at all.

Many take sides with the issue, either you’re a LeBron Lover or a LeBron Hater. In my opinion, I think all of this is occurring and it is all beyond LeBron James’ control.  In fact, all of this hoopla is hitting us today because of something that happened in Akron, Ohio about 25 years ago.

LeBron James was born in Akron in 1984. Being hyped since the age of 11, by the time James attended high school at St. Vincent – St. Mary’s, the media was already declaring him the next NBA superstar. After winning “Mr. Basketball” for the state of Ohio three times, it was a guarantee   that LeBron would enter the 2003 NBA Draft. With his size, skill-set, and attitude, LeBron James was well-deserving of the first-overall selection. By sheer coincidence, his home-state Cleveland Cavaliers held that first pick. It was an Oscar-winning movie in the making...

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